stop making movies about straight people

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transmisogyny is still misogyny, if you behave in a transmisogynist manner you are a misogynist and you hate women, you are not in a separate, less severe class of misogyny.

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Valters Medenis by Desiree Laidler

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homeless queer ppl on here in desperate need of money: gets no donations

stupid con thats literally just everything these superwholocks do by themselves but in a room full of sweaty white ppl: raises 17k in half an hour 

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from postcard set 8
by Mari Shimizu

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keith haring and steve buscemi in parting glances (1984)

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Hey, where the fuck were you when my lights went out?

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be kind to your genders. nurture your genders and watch them grow.

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mark-cohen-is-queer asked: did you ever get help w/ that bra size thing ?? im an afab and could totally help!

Yes, I did! Thank you for being so thoughtful though! :)

shelbystqueer asked: Your eyebrows are really nice oh my gosh

Thank you so much, love!

The Holy Bible And Cross